GS-20DX Geophone

The classic geophone, which is the industry standard. This geophone model is most widely used for recording environmental fluctuations and converting them into electrical signals in oil and gas seismic exploration, engineering geophysics, and security systems.

High strength and reliability of the structure ensure the integrity and quality of the data. The frequency and attenuation tolerance is no more than 5%. The operating temperature range in which the device can be used is from -34 to +71°C.

The GS-20DX geophone is produced in two modifications with its own frequency: 8 and 10 Hz, in vertical and horizontal versions.

  • GS-20DX 10 Hz, 395 Ω, vertical;
  • GS-20DX 10 Hz, 395 Ω, horizontal;
  • GS-20DX 8Hz, 395 Ω, vertical;
  • GS-20DX 8Hz, 395 Ω, horizontal;

The GS-20DX geophone was developed several decades ago, was originally produced in the USA and Japan, now its production has been completely transferred to Russia and our company is the only certified manufacturer of this model in the world. Since 1991, when the Ufa plant was opened, more than 12 million GS-20DX geophones have been produced.
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