Electrodynamic geophones (hereinafter referred to as geophones) are designed to register fluctuations in the external environment and convert them into electrical signals.

Since two main types of waves are most often recorded in seismic exploration — longitudinal and transverse, there are two main types of geophones — horizontal and vertical.

The device consists of a magnetic core surrounded by an electric coil. The core and the housing are bonded to each other. The coil is also attached to the body with thin springs. At the moment of the passage of the wave, vibration occurs, which is transmitted to the housing, and the coil inside it tends to remain stationary. The movement of the magnet inside the coil induces an electric current, which depends on the frequency and intensity of vibrations.

Modern geophones, also called exploratory seismographs, use electromechanical converters in their mechanism, with the help of which wave vibrations are converted into current fluctuations by an amplifier and a recording loop oscilloscope.

Depending on the application conditions, geophones are installed in the necessary enclosures or receiving seismic equipment.

Areas of use of geophones

Geophones are used both as seismometers when registering earthquakes, and in seismic exploration, as well as when conducting underground mining operations - to assess the stressed state of the massif, predict dangerous situations preceding sudden outbursts, mountain impacts.

They are also applicable in devices of security systems (alarm systems, perimeter protection), acoustic geolocation, searching for accidents on various pipelines, during mining rescue operations.

Geophones from Geospace Company

More than 30 years on the market, we produce geophysical equipment. At the heart of most of the work, an integral element is seismic research, for which various devices are used – seismometers, geophones, geophysical braids.

One of the fundamental principles of our company is the use of modern technologies and compliance with the highest quality standards of products, because Geospace seismic sensors are known for measurement accuracy and meet all modern requirements for seismic exploration.

Our geophones are characterized by high reliability, consistent impeccable quality and high technology.
Our seismic data collection systems operate in the harshest conditions imaginable, collecting data from thousands of channels over the years.

We guarantee that each geophone is tested and certified for compliance with the parameters.
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