GS-ONE LF Geophone


GS-ONE LF geophones are a further development of the GS-ONE series. The design ensures the operation of geophones at a low frequency of 4.5 or 5 Hz as a replacement for groups of 6 traditional geophones.

It can be used in cable and wireless systems.

A single GS-ONE LF geophone is comparable in sensitivity to the sensitivity of standard groups of 6 GS-20DX or GS-32CT geophones connected according to the 6x1 or 3x2 scheme, which makes it one of the best geophones for recording according to the "one geophone – one channel" scheme.

This gives a significant gain in cost, as well as in the weight and convenience of using single geophones in the field, with equal opportunities for recording seismic vibrations.

The conversion coefficient of the GS-ONE LF geophone ranges from 0.032 to 0.052 (for comparison, traditional geophones range from 0.025 to 0.037). In practice, this means that the use of GS-ONE LF gives a better signal-to-noise ratio and will be able to pick up a weaker signal than most traditional geophones.

The sensitivity of the geophone is more than 100 V/m/s, which allows it to be used in most modern 24-bit recorders.

The geophone is available in two versions:

  • GS-ONE LF 4.5 Hz, 2450 Ω, vertical;
  • GS-ONE LF 4.5 Hz, 2450 Ω, horizontal;
  • GS-ONE LF 5 Hz, 2450 Ω, vertical;
  • GS-ONE LF 5 Hz, 2450 Ω, vertical.

The geophone can be installed in the PC-803 field enclosure and the PC-903 swamp enclosure.

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